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April’s Workshops

Musicality Workshop: History of Jazz for Swing Dance Enthusiasts and DJ’s
Wednesday, April 5
7:30 – 9:30pm w/ Bob Bednarz
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This is a two part workshop for jazz music enthusiasts.

Part 1: Bob will take you through a history of jazz (part lecture, part listening) to add to your understanding of the history of music, its evolution and visionaries. In addition, he’ll suggest which of the Lindy dances work well with the music and which level dancers would get the most of out of the tune.

Part 2: He’ll then explain how he uses that knowledge to create a great DJ set, playing music that inspires pure joy and great technique. If you’re a DJ-in-Training, bring your favorite selection of 5 songs and Bob will help you analyze the tunes and place them in order for an awesome set. He will even give a suggestion of songs to fill in, should the set have a gap in it. Please note: You do not have to bring in your songs, just appreciate the analysis and discussion and write down your new favorites to add your own collection.

Cost: $30 per person
Pre-Req: None


Single Workshop $30 per person


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