Cancellations, Make-ups, and More

What if I miss a class?
You may make up a class by attending another class at or below the level of the class in which you are currently enrolled in the same month-long session in which you are currently enrolled. We allow one make-up class per session.  If you are making up your class, feel free to drop-in to the make-up class.  Just let us know your name and what class you usually attend once you get here!

Beginning Wedding Dance is the only class that cannot be made-up due to the content and frequency of the class.

Although we review the previous week’s material at the beginning of each class, if you do miss a class, you may wish to take a private lesson (at additional expense) to receive detailed instruction on the missed material.

Contact the office for more information about your make-up options.

What’s your cancellation policy for group classes & workshops?
To cancel, change or postpone enrollment in a group class or workshop, call 312.243.0700 or email us as soon as possible.

Cancellations / Changes received 5 or more days before the start of the first class or workshop are eligible for a complete refund or credit towards future group classes or workshops.

Cancellations / Changes received between 2 and 5 days before the start of the first class or workshop are eligible for credit only. The credit will equal the full amount paid by the student and will be redeemable for future group classes/ workshops.

Cancellations / Changes received within 48 hours before the start of the first class or workshop will receive a credit redeemable towards future group classes /workshops minus a $15/person cancellation fee.

After the first class/ workshop begins, tuition is non-refundable.

A credit will only be issued in the event of serious injury or long-term illness. The credit will be calculated by taking tuition paid, less drop-in class fee ($18) for number of classes elapsed in the series, less $15 change fee per enrollee.

For wedding classes, the approved credit will be calculated by taking the tuition paid less tuition paid, divided by 3, times the number of wedding classes elapsed, less $15 change fee.

The above policies apply to all forms of payment for classes/ workshops including cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, prepaid packages, credits, discount vouchers and gift certificates.

Can I cancel one class of my multi-class package?
Cancellation policies will apply to the all classes in the package, based on the date of the first class.

Policies updated 05/2015. Policies subject to change.

What if I miss a class and am unable to attend a make-up within the same session?
We are unable to offer make-up options outside of the month-long session in which you are currently enrolled.  If you know that you are going to miss a class, you should plan on attending your make-up at a class prior to the end of the session.

If you unexpectedly must miss a class and cannot attend a make-up, you may certainly sign up for a private lesson (at additional expense) to cover the missed material, however no tuition will be refunded.

If you unexpectedly must miss multiple classes and cannot attend any make-up sessions, please notify us as soon as possible via phone (312) 243-0700 or email us.  You must notify us before the last meeting time of the class in which you are enrolled if you wish to explore further options.  Please also refer to our cancellation policy above.

If you are concerned about your readiness to enroll in the next class in the series, give us a call at 312-243-0700 and we will help you navigate your options for furthering your swing education!

What if I need to cancel and I paid with a Groupon or Other Discount Coupon?
All “Coupons” (Groupon,  Living Social, etc.) must be redeemed in a consecutive 3- or 4-week session.  If you feel you cannot complete the session you are enrolled in and have exhausted make-up options, please contact us right away and prior to the last week of the session.   You may be eligible to exchange your coupon payment for a drop-in class(es) by paying the drop-in rate for classes elapsed, reserving your coupon to use for a full length 4-week group class at another time.

Please note the expiration date of your “Coupon” to ensure you will have the opportunity to redeem or gift your “Coupon”.  Once expired, the “Coupon” is worth the cash value paid towards group classes only and not the deal value.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us with questions.

The weather is terrible!  Are you still open?  Can I get a refund if I don’t come to class because of weather?
Big City Swing will always be open!  We only close in the event that the governor issues a state of emergency (which happened once in 2011 and once in 2015 for the “snowpocalypse” blizzards).  All the above cancellation policies will still apply even if it’s snowy, windy or rainy.

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