Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

Student Reviews

"The owner is amazing, knowledgeable, and skilled. She provides a comfort for whatever you’re coming in to accomplish. Once you feel the positive transfer of energy at Big City Swing you won’t be going anywhere else."

D J, May 2019
Google Review

I appreciate the help you and the other instructors always give us at BCS.Thanks again.

John, Jan 2019

You have a really great dance studio! (And I have been in loads!) The space feels great, the teachers are all nice and accessible and patient, and the students are all friendly and open and willing to give it a go. It just has the nicest feel about it all. It’s a real pleasure spending time at your place.


Danny, Jan 2019

You learn how to dance, it's magical. The teachers are really great.

Charles, 2017, Nov 2018

BCS has passionate teachers and dedicated founder. You will fall in love with the community they form so quickly. I love the fun approach and good vibes they offer in each of their group classes, workshop or privates .

Nancy, 2017, Nov 2018

I wanted to thank you and your team for entertaining our guests Saturday night at the Westin. You performance was spot on and we have received rave reviews. We are grateful to have had you a part of our event and appreciate your support! Sincerest thanks, Renee

Renee, Edward Hospital Foundation, Oct 2018

I honestly never thought that solo jazz would become so fun for me! Lindsay makes everything so accessible though!

Andrea, Oct 2018

Julee, the show was amazing. So well coordinated and professional. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of it! You’re an amazing performer and your joy for dancing really showed through in everything! I was very impressed.

I wanted to give a huge kudos to Bob. I had such a great time working with him. He helped me a lot with my dancing (helped me finally get my swing out) and made the whole experience so fun! He is an amazing dancer and I was very grateful to partner with him.

Jennifer J., May 2018

I just loved the workshop last night. Such a great format for people who want a quick hit of new stuff, practice time or both. (Also ideal for commitment phobes.)

Student, May 2018

My wife and I took two private lessons from Melissa at the Randolph Street location in June and August of 2017. We scheduled lessons to help us with our first dance at our wedding in September.

Melissa was kind and understanding, and easy to work with. She listened to our song choice and helped us figure out the best way to approach the music. She helped us to become comfortable moving together, and gave us a basic structure, along with several dance moves that we could use. At our second lesson, she helped us to put it all together, as well as figuring out a beginning and ending to our song.

We felt so at ease going into this big moment knowing that we had the help of a professional. We are grateful for the lessons we took, and for Melissa for her patience and expertise!

Kevin D., Oct 2017

It is a great place to learn swing and have fun! The instructors are very good and everybody is friendly.

Maryam M., Oct 2016

Big City Swing is THE place to go for great swing (and lindy and charleston) dancing classes and private instruction. The instructors are amazing and genuinely interested in your success, the atmosphere is encouraging and the location is great! Don't forget about First Friday! A swing dance social that starts with a beginners lesson at 8pm on the first Friday of every month!

Abigail O., Oct 2016

..I was pleasantly surprised to see a 50/50 split between men and women. The format makes it easy to learn – they move slowly through the steps and practice a lot so that you feel comfortable… Everyone was very nice. And the music is great!..

Krista F., Dec 2015

I love Big City Swing! I’ve been going there for years, and now my husband is learning swing there as well, and he loves it too…. If you’re thinking about learning to dance swing, this is THE place to go…

MW, Nov 2015

After months of trying to convince friends to take a swing class with me, I finally just bit the bullet and signed up myself. Almost 6 months later and I am still IN LOVE with learning swing dance! I’ve taken classes with Erin and Luke, Audra and Jon, and John and Melissa and they all have been wonderful. Each teacher brings a different perspective to their classes and I feel that I am acquiring a great base knowledge of the dance.

Megan M., Jul 2015

I loved the ease of signing up (on line) the reasonable price ($130 per couple for 4 classes) and the terrific instructors (Bob and Audra). I also liked the way they teach the class which has you rotating partners all night to get you used to dancing with others although if you really want to stay with your significant other, they will accommodate that as well.

Carol K., Apr 2015

I have taken lessons with Audra, Erin, Jenna, John, Jon, Julee, Luke, and Melissa. All of the instructors, in addition to the subs that have filled in for the regular instructors, are compassionate, well versed in swing dance and want you to succeed. I have always felt welcome from everyone in the studio every time I show up. I am so glad I stumbled upon this studio and picked up a great social skill from some of the best instructors Chicago has to offer.

Joshua V., Mar 2015

After that first class, I got sucked in and now I take at least two or three of their classes each month. I’ve worked with almost all of their teachers, Luke, Julee (the owner), Audra, Jon, John, Melissa and Jenna and every single one of them is fun, accommodating and knowledgable. Seriously, they taught me how to actually dance. Ask anybody I know; that was an impossible task.

Andrew M., Mar 2015

My first visit to BCS was for First Fridays dance party. The evening starts with a lesson for beginners. I’ve taken an array of lessons in the past and their intro lesson will get you out on the floor with confidence. You’ll learn the basic step and a couple moves to twirl your way around the floor. After the 45-minute lesson, they have DJs to play some standards and likely some tunes you’ve never heard with an infectious beat.

Andrew L., Apr 2013

This place is great. I come with my bf and even if one of us can’t make it to the class that week, there’s usually an option to make up the class on another day or we can come individually – its no problem because everyone rotates so you get to try your moves with different people. That’s definitely necessary if you want to be a good social dancer. We’re continuing to take classes and enjoying actually knowing how to dance at weddings and parties now.

Lo C., Mar 2013

It can be a little scary for a male, non-dancer to take a dance class. Well, no worries! The instructors are great and help you learn the steps without overwhelming you. I had a blast. You will too.

Anonymous, Dec 2012