“For the last year and a half I have bugged my girlfriend about taking dance classes with me. She has two left feet (so she says) and often needs a little liquid courage before stepping on the dance floor. Well, this past January she surprised me with Level One classes at Big City Swing! The experience was beyond wonderful! Audra was a fantastic instructor and everyone on your staff was so queer friendly and inclusive! I cannot begin to tell you what that means to me… We plan on signing up again in the fall! Thank you for an amazing experience!”

- Lauren, 2/18/15

Dance Beautifully Together

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding or just want to learn how to dance together, Big City Swing’s staff of talented and patient teachers will ensure that you move seamlessly together through numerous turns and a photo-worthy finish. To accommodate your preferred learning style, budget, and timeline, you may select Group Classes, Private Lessons, or a combination of both.

Swing Dance Group Classes (4-Week Session)
The swing class series meet once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.   Participants are encouraged to rotate, however, you may enroll and stay with your partner through the entire class.  This is the perfect class for picking up a new hobby. Click here for the upcoming group class schedule and all the details.

Wedding Dance Group Class (3-Week Session)
The wedding dance class meets once per week for 3 consecutive weeks.  Participants enroll and dance with their partners throughout the entire series.  This class is geared for couples preparing for, or attending a wedding.  We teach a modified foxtrot that’s perfect for more traditional and contemporary songs.  This class is offered March – October.  Click here for the upcoming schedule and all the details.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are a fabulous option when your travel schedule prevents you from committing to a weekly class, you need to learn to dance to a particular song stat, or you enjoy the personal attention of a private space and individual instruction.   During your private lessons, you and your partner will work with one instructor who is fluent in both leading and following. The material will be based on your individual requests, and your teacher will move at a pace that is comfortable for you both. Private lessons are scheduled by appointment and available 7 days/week. You may bring your own music, or we will help you choose the song which fits the occasion and shows off your new skills. Click here for all the details and appointment scheduling.

We look forward to meeting you both!

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