Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

Attire & Shoes

  • What should I wear?

    Be comfy! There is no dress code, however, it always feels better to dress for the occasion. We recommend the following be it modern or vintage:

  • Gentlemen

    We suggest wearing loose pants of a breathable material or a comfortable pair of jeans. Nice T-shirt, bowling shirts or collared shirts are all welcome. Avoid sleeveless shirts or shorts.

  • Ladies

    It’s about feeling confident in your attire. Skirts are always fun (just remember to wear spankies or bloomers underneath) in addition to jeans, leggings or whatever suits your fancy for the evening. We recommend wearing shirts with at least short sleeves (rather than tank tops).

  • Shoes

    You do not need special dance shoes, but you do not want to stick to the floor. Do wear leather, suede or smooth soled shoes. Even well worn gym shoes will work. Avoid shoes with heavy treads as they will impede your turning ability. In the warmer month, avoid flip flops, sandals, or any shoes that are not secured to your feet via straps or laces. In general, flips and sandals are unsafe for dancing.

    Here’s a dancers trick: Take your most comfortable pair of shoes and have suede or leather put on the bottom. It’s called chroming. Any cobbler will be able to help you out.

    If it’s raining or snowing, do remember to put a clean, dry pair of shoes in your bag for dancing. The floors and your partners will thank you.

Class Schedules

Check out the schedule for our next two sessions.

Class Schedule