December Classes Start 12/2 & Next First Friday is 12/6

December Classes Start 12/2 & Next First Friday is 12/6

Welcome to Big City Swing

Here are a few key pieces of information if you are joining us for the first time.

- You'll be learning East Coast Swing often called Jitterbug or 6-Count Swing.
- This is the swing dancing made famous by the Big Band era.
- You do not need a partner.
- We balance the number of leads/follows and encourage rotation in class.
- If you have a partner, you are not required to rotate.
- Classes meets once per week for 4-consecutive weeks.
- The price is $67 per person, $62 by the early registration deadline.
- You do not need special attire, just dry, smooth-soled shoes.
- Any requested make-ups must be completed within the same session.
- The Swing I class is truly designed for beginners and loads of fun!

Here's what a few of students have to say about our classes and learning to swing dance. This is footage from our annual student showcase opening video.

This place is great. I come with my bf and even if one of us can’t make it to the class that week, there’s usually an option to make up the class on another day or we can come individually – its no problem because everyone rotates so you get to try your moves with different people. That’s definitely necessary if you want to be a good social dancer. We’re continuing to take classes and enjoying actually knowing how to dance at weddings and parties now.

Lo C., Mar 2013 via Yelp
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Swing I

This class is for the true beginner. We introduce the concepts of leading and following as well as the basic rhythm and turns of 6-Count Swing. We present the material at a moderate pace – quick enough to keep it movin’ but slow enough to allow plenty of practice time. If you’ve never taken a dance class before, this is a great place to start.

Swing I is $67 for the 4-week class, $62 with the early registration discount.

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It can be a little scary for a male, non-dancer to take a dance class. Well, no worries! The instructors are great and help you learn the steps without overwhelming you. I had a blast. You will too.

Anonymous, Dec 2012 via Yelp

But I have previous experience?

For those who have taken Swing and Lindy Hop classes elsewhere, tell us a little bit about your experience. We may be able to enroll you in Swing II.

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Class Schedules

Check out the schedule for our next two sessions.

Class Schedule


Dive a little deeper into the details of scheduling, canceling, and what to wear.


Learn by Doing!

Not sure if you want to commit to a 4-week class just yet? Join us for one of our monthly evenings of drop-in beginner lessons and dancing.