Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

Thank you for an amazing 23 years.

  • Big City Swing - Chicago’s home for all dances of the Jazz Era - is now closed.

    From Swing to Charleston to Jitterbug to Lindy Hop, we honored the past while bringing partnered dancing into the future.

Start Swing Dancing!

It is a great place to learn swing and have fun! The instructors are very good and everybody is friendly.

Maryam M., Oct 2016 via Yelp

Joining us for the first time?

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Come Dance with Us!

On the first Friday of every month, we offer an evening of beginner, drop-in lessons and social dancing. Meet new people, listen to incredible music, and take an entertaining lesson that will get you swingin’. It’s a great night out.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to prepare for a special event, work around scheduling challenges, or hone a particular set of skills. Private lessons are offered 7 days a week by appointment.

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No Partner? No Worries!

We balance the number of leads and follows in all of our group classes and encourage folks to rotate to get the most out of the lead/follow skills. However, if you would like to dance only with your partner, that’s totally fine. Enjoy the evening out together. We want everyone to be comfortable in class!

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Wedding Dance

Our wedding program is specifically designed for novice couples and is not limited to swing dancing. You’ll learn a beautiful entrance, impressive turns, and a photo worthy ending without having to learn a syncopated rhythm like Swing or Foxtrot. Every step will have the same value, so you if you can walk, you can dance beautifully with a partner.

Wedding Dances

My first visit to BCS was for First Fridays dance party. The evening starts with a lesson for beginners. I’ve taken an array of lessons in the past and their intro lesson will get you out on the floor with confidence. You’ll learn the basic step and a couple moves to twirl your way around the floor. After the 45-minute lesson, they have DJs to play some standards and likely some tunes you’ve never heard with an infectious beat.

Andrew L., Apr 2013 via Yelp